Music speaks

12:38 PM

I was having a conversation last night with 2 of my girls. We were talking about a whirlwind of things but one subject that presented itself was how we know the Lord speaks to us. It's such a weird question now that I've slept on it and processed it for a while. It's so funny that the Lord had just spoken to me a couple of hours before that conversation and yet I failed to mention that. Why? Because He spoke to me through a song. Basically this is what happened-

Around 5:30 that evening (an hour and a half before my first life group of the year) I texted a dear friend of mine and told her my heart was shattered. It doesn't really matter why my heart was shattered at that moment, the point is I used that exact phrase-"My heart is just shattered." As I began to be more at peace thinking of how anxious I was for life group to start, I started getting ready. First, I put on my eye liner then as my straightener heated up I applied some mascara to my sad little eyelashes which were clumped together from tears that had been there not too long ago. While waiting to straighten out some waves in my hair I turned on Pandora. The station that was on was Kari Jobe. A new station I had just added the day before. In the middle of talking to Kaleb and going over another wave I heard the words "You're heart isn't shattered anymore. He is here." I stopped. You don't really hear those words in a lot of worship songs-hearts being shattered. It's usually you're heart is broken or more along the line of that at least but this song said shattered. My flesh, for just a moment, tried to brush it off but I quickly walked out of the bathroom and snuggled next to Kaleb on the bed and told him that the Lord had just spoke to me through that song. Then I went back in the bathroom and continued to get ready.

So here's the deal-why would I forget to mention that? It's because when I hear the word speak I automatically think of Jesus actually speaking to me (which He does) but I don't think of anything else. The truth is Christ speaks to us through the ways that we will listen. At the moment I was so caught up in getting ready that I wouldn't have listened if the Lord would have whispered to my heart, I am here. But that song caught my attention in that moment. One of the girls shared a heart wrenching story of how the Lord showed her a beautiful verse in Romans right after she had just found out some bad news for her senior year in basketball. See, the Lord speaks in so many different ways. Whatever will catch our attention in the moment, that's what He's going to use. For me, music always speaks. My heart is attached to worship music and praising my King. I love to sing my prayers sometimes and to even worship by myself in my bedroom. The Lord sees that, He sees me, and so He honors my own heart by speaking to me in ways that make sense for me.

I love that about Jesus. He speaks to each of us what makes sense for our own hearts.

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