A stirring and a plan

9:18 AM

There is a stirring in the Hargrove home this morning. As Malachi (one of the sweet toddlers I watch) is resting into her morning nap my heart is stirring. I can't explain the stirring other then I'm still basking in this past weekend. I don't want to explain everything here but the things I took away from this weekend:

1-I try too hard to please people. I have GOT to stop that. My King has an amazing plan already in motion. I need to sit back and enjoy the ride and stop seeking others approval for the decisions I make.

2-I am not quite healed. 2 specific things from my past I have faked healing over so much that I've tricked myself into believing I am completely whole. I am broken and that's ok. I know God is working on me and I am not required to be a finished product yet.

3-If that's my heart desire then chances are God himself has something to do with it.

4-I am loved. I am cherished by my husband. He seriously adores me and I have no idea why it took me this long to truly see that.

5-The Lord is PLEASED with me. He's not disappointed. He is proud!

6-I have an incredible support system. When I begin to think no body has my back (besides God and Kaleb) I need to look at both of my families and even my amazing church family. Seriously. Incredible support system!

7-I need to sing more with abandonment. Completely.

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