All the single ladies! All the single ladies!!

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The relationship series is coming, folks. It's coming fast. November 2nd to be exact. Everyone is so pumped. It's so awesome to have this traditional series running through our Chi Alpha at Angelo State University each year. This will be my 4th year going through it and I have to say is -wow. God is FAITHFUL.

My first year was hard. Actually, it was painful. Yea, painful is the best way to describe it. I was a new baby Christian, still drinking milk and I was still tending to my wounds from a relationship in high school. Not just any high school relationship but one complete with cursing each other out on a daily basis, cheating on each other back and forth, building a future that was never meant to be, and even a miscarriage. It was plain awful and after investing my entire being in that relationship inevitably I was a mess when it ended. In November I did something really shameful that doesn't matter now but it kind of sent me over the edge I guess you could say. Over the edge and into the Lord's hands completely. And then....then the relationship series was preached by Lennon Noland (the godfather of ASU XA). It changed my heart completely and though I didn't live perfectly after that, my thoughts on dating were changed. Heck, my thoughts on God, guys, sex, marriage...everything was changed.

My second year was just awesome. I had been single for I believe about a year and a half around that time and I had a good life. No messing up for Bre! It was something to be proud of, trust me. I sat next to my best friend throughout that 4 week series. My best friend named Kaleb. 

My third year I was....wait for it....ENGAGED! What?? To that best friend I sat next to my second year. We soaked it in together as a soon-to-be-married couple and it was amazing. We learned a lot and did our best to put it into practice. 

My fourth year (this year) I am married and I'm ready to learn more. The relationship series isn't just for the single people or the people who are dating. It's for everyone in my opinion. The first year was when my heart completely changed about the dating game but the next years I learned more and more about who God has called me to be as a woman of God and even a wife. 

My marriage didn't come from the relationship series. Nor did it come from Chi Alpha. It came from God but those are tools He used, among many other things, to help me use my time of singleness to grow more in Him and to prepare myself for Kaleb rather than searching for him. So, to say all of that is to say this: Get ready and be prepared. Embrace this season because it was made specifically for you. And please, please stop fasting dating. Fast long enough from it and you just might miss the guy that the Lord has for you. Sitting in that pew my first year I was mad, hurt, and pretty much done with guys. If someone would have told me that 3 years later I would be married I would have laughed, yelled at them, and then I probably would have ran. I didn't do much those next 2 years. I waited, I searched the Lord's heart, I allowed Him to search mine, and I gave Him my dating life. I didn't take it into my own hands and put a timeline on my King. It was never my place to tell Him what age I could be married by, what season in my life He could bring me the one, or even how long I wanted to be single before I began dating again. It was always His perfect timing I relied on and it was scary most days, to just allow Him to do a work on my heart but He was faithful. He's a constant faithfulness. And I can attest to that whole heartedly. He is a good, good God and He has a perfect timeline laid out in gold for your life and your future. Just wait and see. 

It is better to spend years waiting for the right person than to spend eternity with the wrong one.
-Landon Henry

(And I used that quote in the vows for my wedding.)

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