Letters to Elijah

7:53 AM

Dear Elijah,

I love your name that daddy chose. I love it. I love it. I love it. Elijah means my God is the Lord and yes son, your God IS the Lord. Fisher was picked almost at random. We heard that name on a show we were watching and daddy loved it but I like to think of the verse from Matthew 4:19. That's weird, huh? Being a fisher of men but I know that's who you'll be. Like so many people have already proclaimed over you-you will move mountains and reach nations. I pray you do even more than daddy and I. I pray your achievements and goals are set in Christ. So many people are in love with you already. You have no idea how many people I had to text yesterday after we found out you were a boy.  Everyone was on pins and needles. I wonder if texting will still be around when you're a teenager. Who knows.

Daddy and I were talking about the things we want to teach you. Daddy probably has a lot more to offer when it comes to being manly. Sports, music, fitness, shaving, burping (not at the table, please), camping, hiking, love of outdoors, but most importantly he will teach you about the men in the Bible. He will teach you who God is and about the Holy Trinity. You will know all 3. I kept wondering what I could teach you. It was starting to frustrate me. And then I thought of the one thing I hope to instill in you the most is how to love. No one knows love like a mama. Not just how you can love your wife one day (that day will be so joyous) but even your friends. How you can love others who you don't even know. How you can love God. How you can have a sweet, kind heart in a masculine world and not lose your strength. I pray you stand up for people. I pray you stand up for your faith. Your true strength isn't measured by how well you do things it's measured by Christ and the obedience you have under His authority. You are going to be a great man one day but first you will be my little man and I will love you forever even when you leave the shelter of my wings, I will love you still.

My cup overflows, Eli. It's already spilling over.


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