Dear Elijah (Kingdom's work)

11:10 AM

Dear Elijah,

Tomorrow would be the day your mama walked across the stage at Angelo State University and received a piece of paper declaring the hard work and hours she put it in to get specific education in a specific subject. This piece of paper, called a degree, would allow mama to teach the subject or to work within it's field. But mama will not be getting that piece of paper, son. I went to ASU for 2 years and then realized my calling in ministry and my inability to afford school and life on my own. It would be a lie to say I'm completely content with my decision. Some days it's hard and other days i'm perfectly fine with not being in school. Daddy will get his pastoral degree through an online university but at least he'll have a degree of some sort. I feel intimidated sometimes but then I remember where my heart is happiest and that sweet boy is with children and sharing my life with women in ministry.

You don't have to go to college. Yes, I said it. You don't HAVE to. It's something your dad and I have already discussed. Never think less of yourself if you choose not to. Always, always look for Kingdom work, Eli. Your personal Kingdom's work could be in a classroom teaching students or in a social work office helping in CPS situations. Whatever it looks like for you, do it. If your Kingdom work doesn't require a degree that's ok. You are my Kingdom's work. On the days you will scream for hours and not sleep (because yes, I know that day will come) I will remember that staying home with you and not sending you off to a daycare from 7 am-5 pm means I'm raising you. Raising you, praying over you, loving you, teaching you, cuddling you, feeding you...these are all things that seem simple but when really looked into-it's Kingdom work. Yes, I wish I was walking across the stage with the rest of my peers tomorrow BUT I am not at all sad or regretting your timing in anyway. You are Kingdom work. So is being a wife and a life group leader. So is being a teacher, a pastor, a nurse, a fire fighter, a cleaning lady, a graphic designer, and even an entrepreneur. If your soul's purpose is to glorify God in your life than your job is Kingdom work.

Always look for the Kingdom's work before looking for success. The crown is yours but never forget whose feet you will lay it at.

Love you always,

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