Preparing for baby.

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With my due date 10 weeks away I am in MAJOR nesting mode and I have to resist it. I'm trying to wait until June to start getting things prepared for him because that's when I will be done watching all of the babies. It just makes sense in my head I guess to wait until I will officially have nothing to do for a whole month to start on my "Elijah list." I have compiled this list from other mama's suggestions and blogs I have read on preparing for the baby. Here's my list (feel free to suggest more stuff I could add)-

-Put together my hospital bag and his diaper bag
-Find more decor, hang in his room
-Wash clothes/organize by size
-Make ABC scripture book
-Make playlist for the hospital (so far I only have some Explosions in the Sky songs)
-Organize bottle cabinet
-Organize diaper changing table
-Paint corner shelf
-Make a list of outings we can go on as a family (once he's ready)
-Decide on coming home outfit
-Stock up on mama's "stuff" (lady products, breast feeding things, etc.)
-Prepare some freezer meals 
-Buy under the crib tub for extra storage
-Wash down and bleach all plastic items that will be used right away (stroller, car seat, bath, etc.)

I feel like there is probably SO MUCH MORE I could add but that's all I've got so far. 

May should go by fast. Our weekends are so full. We have graduation this weekend (obviously not ours. We're going to watch friends graduate), Dave Matthews concert next weekend, and a sweet friend's wedding the next. Sprinkle some birthing and breastfeeding classes in there and we've got a pretty busy month. June will probably drag on but my amazing sister is coming to stay for the first week of June and my baby shower is June 1st! =) Busy, busy getting ready for Elijah. Squeezing in last minute trips, enjoying time with Kaleb and friends, and just getting this place ready. 

He's almost here! He's almost here! He's almost here! 

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