Elijah: 11 months!

9:32 AM

The countdown is officially on. 30 days until my boy turns 1! I will be soaking in many nursing sessions, tickle fights, and cuddles since they are all few and far between. Well, maybe not the tickle fights. At 11 months-

  • 23 lbs
  • 27 inches
  • Sleeping through the night (FINALLY!)
  • Can take a total of 9 steps though he did walk across the living room last night
  • Still breastfed but usually every 4-5 hours and not at all during the night
  • Eating 3 solid meals and snacking in between
  • Recently discovered he likes playing in his pack n play
  • Has a new found love for water
  • Sticks his tongue out and back in 
  • Started getting a little sad when daddy leaves the house
  • Wearing 12m-18m clothes
  • Cloth diapered full time but in disposables over night
  • Will not wear shoes or hats
  • Loves hanging out in the pool
  • Completely off of his reflux medicine
  • Cries at really loud noises (dogs barking, lions roaring, etc)

He survived his first real move. 4 hours in a car with me and his nonna was pretty tiring I'm sure but he handled it well. A little fussy but we made it just fine. I think he's ready for the pool to be open already. He's a water baby for sure. I've had his first birthday "planned" since he was born. Pinterest truly is a glorious thing, friends. I've pinned many ideas and now that we're a month out I'm starting to actually get ready. We're having his birthday party in San Angelo with the people who were here during his first year but we're having a small thing with my family here in Fort Worth on his actual birthday that way they don't have to travel the following weekend for his party. He's also in his first wedding next weekend. I'm pretty excited! Can't wait to see our friends get married and, of course, see my handsome guy all decked out and formal. 

Oh, son. It's almost time. You'll be hitting toddler status sooner than I'd like to truly believe. 

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