Jesus in the mundane

11:42 AM

I did 3 loads of laundry last night: Elijah's clothes, darks, and lights. I'm always doing laundry. It's kind of ridiculous that 2 adults and 1 small child can dirty so many clothes but alas it is my daily job and it really doesn't bother me. As I was sitting on the couch this morning folding Elijah's clothes I kept thinking "didn't I just fold this same bear towel just the other day? And I know he literally just wore these shorts the other day how are they already washed and dried again? This is never ending." And it's not. The mundane life I lead with the everyday things won't have an end probably ever. How am I suppose to see Jesus in folding laundry? You see I've been trying really hard to see Jesus in everything. I long to walk in the Spirit more and I think a lot of that begins in seeing the Lord at work all around me. It's easy to see Him when I'm worshipping with thousands of other men and women at a conference or in a sentence my pastor speaks on a Sunday morning but it's harder to see Him in the mundane. When my life feels like it's on repeat and I'm doing the same thing over and over again, can I still see Him and figure out what He's trying to teach me?

Sometimes I feel like there's a beauty in being a wife and a mother that I haven't quite touched yet. Most days it seems like I will never reach it. This wisdom and kindness that seems to just flow from other women around me. I long for that same deep intimacy they seem to have with the Spirit. And I truly believe they have it, too. I don't think they're faking it at all. The mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart and their hearts are filled with Jesus to the brim and spilling over. So, I continued to fold and when Elijah woke up from his nap I put the clothes away and even grabbed all of his winter clothes and put them in a box. When I went back in the living room Kaleb was dressed for work. He's such a hard worker. I've probably said that a million times on this blog and I'll say it a million more-He's a great provider for our family. So if folding the laundry and doing the dishes while he plays video games or watches a movie (2 things he loves to do) helps him to relax before going to work then I'll do it for the rest of my life. Jesus is in that. I couldn't see it on the surface but now I do. There's nothing sexist about the role I play. Kaleb has never once demanded any household chore from me just like I have never demanded he work so hard but he does and so do I. And at times I feel like there's no way the Lord is in something as simple as my daily routine but He is. I have quiet moments to myself while folding that laundry where He can speak to me or when Elijah laughs and He reminds me to slow down and listen. I'm blessed to have that quiet even if for just a moment. My sweet husband doesn't get that very often. 

Jesus is in the mundane. He has probably tried to teach me several different things today in the very acts I repeat each day but I wasn't listening or maybe I just wasn't searching. I have the opportunity to pray over Elijah throughout the day, speak scripture to him, read to him, tickle him while we're playing, sing to him while he nurses. Doing those things seem so mundane, another thing to cross off the list but they're so much more. They're important. They're the more important work. Being a stay at home mom sometimes makes me feel like I'm going crazy but I just lit a candle and turned on the ceiling fan. I'm going to go clean the kitchen and talk to Jesus. When Elijah wakes up I'm going to sit down with him and read from his baby Bible and let him flip the pages and look at the pictures. I'm making chicken tacos for dinner before we all go shop at JBF tonight. It may never end. The laundry, feeding my family, cleaning up the poop on the carpet (thanks, son)…but Jesus is at work in me and my family and even in my home. Yea, He's here. 

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